HatchBox Photography is a relatively young, local and popular School photography company here in Cornwall doing some amazing things – great photos, innovative products – all online with little to no work, for the already very busy school office. We provide a modern and hassle free school photography service here in Cornwall.

We really do work hard to put smiles on peoples faces and give parents some lovely memories to cherish. We are so grateful and thankful to all the amazing schools, their wonderful office staff and teachers out there and especially those that use Hatchbox Photography already or are doing so this year - we love you

We provide a pre registration (paperless) service and many other things, which means we are as good if not better, than what you may be used to – we also have an amazing and unique product called Moving Memories® a wonderful addition to leavers photos (augmented reality). We try really hard to constantly evolve and be relevant in these changing and challenging financial times.

We are based in West Cornwall, with a passion to provide lovely images and memories for parents and carers, whilst ensuring school offices do as little as possible, other than enjoy school photo day. We are 100% online offering affordable photographs and mix and match packs plus some innovative products such as Moving memories for Primary year 6 leavers, bringing pictures to life.

Our Journey began in 1990 when our owner worked for a School Photography business in Gloucester and after 8 years then moved to Cornwall to work for a large school photography company based here, for the next 23 years. In 2021 things changed again and HatchBox Photography was born to change the way school photography is done, innovate and modernise offerings for all our schools aiming for Happy parents and a happy school office. Our new product moving memories combines video and photography to allow our customers to see their own children come to life via Augmented Reality - all very Harry Potter!